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Young Lions Competition 2009 - Film

The Client
FilmAid is a not-for-profit organization that uses film and video to help communities in need. FilmAid leverages the power ad broad reach of film by holding large outdoor screening "events" where thousands gather to watch films which educate, empower and entertain. FilmAid works in refugee camps, urban slums, disaster zones and other places with poor communications infrastructures, mostly in Africa.

FilmAid is a living example of "the power of film" to change, inspire and strengthen individuals and communities.

One current example of FilmAid's Impact: FilmAid Works in a refugee camp called Dadaab, in eastern Kenya. More than 260,000 Somali;s have fled to Dadaab, and they face challenges of disease, safety and psychosocial trauma. FilmAid holds screenings to thousands where they see films with vital information (e.g.: preventing HIV, Malaria and Cholera transmissions), shown together with films that provide moments of joy and happiness (cartoons for kids, African features for adults). Through FilmAid, lives are strengthened and a moment of joy is delivered.

Aim of Project
Build awareness of FilmAid and "the power of film to change". generating enthusiasm and buzz around FilmAid work. Movie-going is one of the world's favorite pastimes: everyone has a memory of a film experience that moved them, enlightened them of changed them. FilmAid seeks a 60 second spot that accomplishes the following objective:

Communicate awareness of the work of FilmAid, helping viewers understand the power of film to change the lives of refugees, slum dwellers of others living in difficult situations and i need of knowledge or hope.

What kind of spot?
a spot that can be viewed online, on air of via mobile phone. Campaigns should find a genuine way to convey the concept of the power film to change and move you... and to connect the idea of the power of film to the real world work of FilmAid.

Target Audience
18-49 years old
Creative spirits with a sense of compassion
Tech-savvy (own digital camera or cellphone with digital video capability)
Comfortable sharing online

Creative Guidelines
Our goal is to engage the viewer with ways that film can move and change people, specifically by getting them to think about their own meaningful experiences viewing a film. Each spot must drive the viewer to a special section of the FilmAid website ( where FilmAid will host a gallery of user-submissions on how specific film has changed them.

These spots should aim for something inspirational and meaningful. Humor is allowed, but it must tie to the serious humanitarian goals and work of FilmAid.

Note: Still and video images of the FilmAid website ( may help the design team better undesrtand the experience of a FilmAid screening. Still or video images from the FilmAid website must not be used in your final submission.